Induced Seismicity Department

The mission of the Induced Seismicity Department is to mitigate the risk of induced seismicity in Oklahoma related to Oil and Gas activity.  Ensure the utmost stewardship of Oil and Gas data submitted to and maintained by the Corporation Commission.  Instill public confidence of the duties bestowed upon the Corporation Commission and demonstrate fulfillment of the responsibilities that the Corporation Commission has been given.


Induced Seismicity Department Contacts

Name Title Room Phone
Charles Lord Regulatory Programs Manager ISD, Seismicity, Earthquakes 204 405-522-2751
Phillip Bailey III Regulatory Manager 214 405-522-6363
Vicente Vasquez Regulatory Manager 214 405-522-2802
Colin Brooks Regulatory Manager 257 405-521-2278
VACANT Administrative Technician 257 405-521-6941