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PUD serves as the statutory administrator for the OUSF.  The OUSF provides funding, in coordination with Federal Programs, for qualified Oklahoma schools, libraries, healthcare facilities, and rural telecommunications companies. The fund also supports Primary Universal Services to rural Oklahoma.

ON-Site Training and Outreach Available! PUD provides onsite assistance across the state to eligible entities such as schools, libraries, and eligible healthcare providers. Requests for a visit to your location may be sent through the email below.  Click here to see upcoming OUSF Training Slides & Public Outreach Sessions.

Preapproval is a voluntary process OUSF beneficiaries (schools, libraries, and eligible healthcare facilities) may use to reduce the risk of unexpected disallowance of funding. The instructions and process can be found in the Instruction package link below and forms are located under each beneficiary type.  This process can add surety of recovery if conducted prior to service selection and start up to avoid unnecessary risk. The process can statutorily take up to 90 days but the Administrator endeavors to process all requests as quickly as possible. If you need additional details, please feel free to email us at the link below and someone will contact you shortly.

The OUSF Brochure contains helpful information and contacts that may assist you in your funding!

PUD also audits all requests for funding to ensure competitive bidding and robust usage of the fund.  These efforts over the last few years have resulted in a major reduction to the overall fund while support service levels have dramatically increased.  This process has been a major success for the OCC and the State. The average cost per megabit has decreased by 74% over the last three years!

The Email address for OUSF Submissions, On-Site Training, Pre-Approval, or Questions is OUSF@occ.ok.gov.

Important OUSF Information and Financial Reports:


OUSF Forms

Forms required for OUSF Funding Requests and Instructional Package for all filings including Pre-Approval

Special Universal Services Forms - Schools, Libraries, Telemedicine, and Pre-Approvals

Organization Location (OrgLoc) Codes for Eligible OUSF Entities

Schools (Including Pre-Approval request submitted by the School or District)

Libraries (Including Pre-Approval request submitted by the Library)

Healthcare/Telemedicine (Including Pre-Approval request submitted by the healthcare entity)

Forms Required for Special OUSF Monthly Recurring Funding (Filed by the Service Provider)

Oklahoma Lifeline Fund

Standard Non-Disclosure Agreement - OAC 165:59-3-30(f)