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Petroleum Storage Tank Division

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The Petroleum Storage Tank Division (PSTD) comprises four departments: Accounting, Administrative, Compliance and Inspection, and Technical. The Division enforces state and federal regulations which pertain to petroleum storage tanks that contain antifreeze, motor oil, motor fuel, gasoline, kerosens, diesel and aviation fuel. The Fuel Inspectors check the calibration of gasoline pumps to ensure that customers are receiving the accurate amount of gasoline at each purchase. Inspectors also check octane levels and assist tank owners in proper release detection methods. The Division also administers the Petroleum Storage Tank Release Indemnity Fund, created by the Legislature in 1989 to help fuel storage tank owners meet a requirement for liability insurance for damage caused by leaking tanks.

PST Fuel Inspector at work
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Robyn Strickland Director (405)521-4683
Salim Douglah Technical Manager (405)521-4683
Justin Lankford Compliance and Inspection Manager (405)521-4683


All petroleum storage tank system owners, operators, their employees or agents, or transporters must report to PSTD within 24 hours of discovering any substances, conditions or monitoring results that indicate a release may have occurred using the link provided on PSTD's Release Reporting tab; or by telephone at (405) 521-4683 or 1-888-621-5878.  If after 4:30 p.m. or on weekends or holidays call the PSTD emergency phone number at (405) 823-0994.